This time of year, there are lots of cold and flu viruses going around and if you get one, you know that there isn’t much your doctor can do. While antibiotics can fight bacteria, there are no prescriptions for viruses. That doesn’t mean, however, that nature hasn’t supplied us with some great natural remedies instead.

A few weeks ago, I woke up exhausted and feeling so tired and achy, I knew I was fighting off a flu. My immune system is pretty strong but I immediately went into attack mode to try to beat it and the next day, I felt fine. In this newsletter, I want to share with you what I did and what we do in our house to ensure that my kids don’t ever miss a day of school and haven’t had a sore throat in years.

Nature has provided us with several anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal options. They are the only means of attacking a virus and I’ve used them to beat the flu as well as to recover from pneumonia instead of taking a prescription drug. Two of the best are oil of oregano and olive leaf extract.

The main ingredient in rendering oil of oregano so powerful in attacking microbes is Carvacrol. Carvacrol is so powerful it can be used to preserve food and has been shown to be effective against e.coli, salmonella and listeria. Look for a supplement containing at least 60% Carvacrol.

Oil of oregano also has a natural fungicude, Thymol (the active ingredient in Listerine), Terpenes (source of the word turpentine) which is an antibacterial agent, Rosmarinic acid, a stronger antioxidant than vitamin E which prevents free radical damage and is an natural antihistamine, and Naringin which helps boost the effects of antioxidants.

I swear by oil of oregano and start taking it in abundance at first sign of any symptom. It’s important to note that oil of oregano is nothing like the oregano you find in supermarkets today. It’s a very strong and has a bitter flavor, so many people prefer it in capsule form rather than liquid.

You can find products containing both oil of oregano and olive leaf extract together or take them separately. They are both immune boosters, so you can take them during cold and flu season as a preventative, or keep a supply on hand to attack at first sign of any symptoms.

Olive leaf extract is effective against viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi and parasites by either killing them or preventing their multiplication. Like oil of oregano, olive leaf extract does so without harming the good bacteria in your digestive system. Adding it to your wellness arsenal will give your body yet another means of attacking and preventing spread of viruses and other pathogens.

Olive leaf extract is more than just an immune booster, as it actually attacks the microorganisms directly, rather than simply supporting your body’s own defense system. In addition, olive leaf extract has been shown to help lower blood pressure, prevent atherosclerosis and hardening of the arteries, and reduce inflammation. So while it’s great when you need a boost to fight off infection, it is also helpful on a daily basis to support several important wellness functions.

Oil or oregano and olive leaf extracts are mainstays in our house. The third super infection fighter we rely on consistently is one that is a little harder for most people to get used to than smelling like oregano: hydrogen peroxide. Yes, I’m talking about the 3% household remedy you can buy for pennies in any pharmacy or grocery store.

Many natural health providers believe that colds and sore throats and other illnesses begin in the ears, not in the nose or throat. Research has been done to support this notion for years now, but it never seems to make it into the mainstream. We have used it in our house for years and my kids have not had even one sore throat or ear infection since we started.

Any time we feel the onset of virtually any cold or flu symptom, we immediately use hydrogen peroxide to attack it before it takes hold. It does take a little getting used to, as it is an odd experience at first, but once you get used to it, it is strangely comforting to be able to experience it working to fight the infection while you listen in.

Upon the arrival of any symptom, simply put a towel over a pillow and lie on your side. (I like to have a couple paper towels handy too). Pour a capful of hydrogen peroxide into your ear (it’ll feel weird and a little cold but just at first) and simply lie still and let it attack the pathogen. It will bubble and gurgle as it attacks, so you’ll know it’s working! Lie still for about 5 minutes or until it stops bubbling, then roll over and get the other ear.

If you have a lot of bubbling still going on after 5 minutes on each side, go back for another round in each ear, either immediately, or again before bed. It is a bit strange and takes getting used to, but I can assure you that it really works!

One final weapon we keep on hand is a very high quality green superfood powder or supplement. We use Boku Superfood, as I’ve found it to be the best quality for the money. That said, it’s not cheap so I don’t take it every day. (My son does and it has eliminated his allergies, migraines and boosted his immune system significantly.) If I feel even the slightest bit under the weather, tired, stressed or aware of any symptoms, I take some greens in a little bit of juice (vitamin C) at least once a day, preferable twice a day, for several days in a row to give my body extra support beyond my regular whole food multivitamin.

And keep in mind that if you are not taking a vitamin D supplement or getting 5000 mg in your whole food multi, during the cold and flu season (unless you live in south Florida or California and spend 20+ minutes a day outside without sunscreen on most of your body), you’re probably vitamin D deficient. Most Americans are!

Vitamin D is necessary to maintain and restore so many essential body functions and processes including preventing you from getting sick. A study of 19,000 Americans showed that those with the lowest vitamin D levels reported significantly more recent colds and flus so make sure you get your vitamin D to stay healthy this winter, and long term. If you buys a separate vitamin D supplement, be sure to purchase vitamin D3 as it’s the most effective form. And skip a prescription: most prescriptions for vitamin D are for D2 not D3 and are not as effective.

To your wellness and health: your true wealth!

Author: Inger Pols is the Editor of the New England Health Advisory and Author/Creator, Finally Make It Happen, the proven process to get what you want. Get a free special report on The Truth About Sugar: It’s Not All Equal at

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