Protect your Family From Pesticides and Toxins: Choosing the Best Produce

Every year, the Environmental Working Group tests fruits and vegetables to determine which are the most — and least — contaminated with pesticides. If you’ve been a subscriber from the beginning, I have shared the previous results with you. But the list can and does change over time and as we find ourselves in the height of summer here in New England, with fresh produce all around, I want to share the 2012 results to help you make better fruit and vegetable choices. Let’s start with the good news! The following made the Clean 15 list, which means they were [Read More]

When Eating Meat, Hold the Chemicals

With all the press lately around pink slime and now the new study about the health impacts of red meat, let’s talk about making better meat choices. Unless you’re a vegetarian whose health is thriving, you most likely need to pay more attention to your animal protein selections. While it is possible to get everything you need to be healthy purely from plants, it’s difficult to do so. Almost every civilization has included some animal protein in its diet, even if it was only insects and bugs. While most of us do need to consume some animal protein to maintain [Read More]

Meat, Ammonia, School Lunch, the Government, and You

In an article more than three years ago, I first introduced many readers to the concept of “pink slime” and ammonia in meat. Despite the fact that many years has passed since this was written, not much – or not enough – has changed. While some fast food restaurants have banned “pink slime,” ammonia-laden meat has once again made national headlines. So it is time to run this again and re-start the discussion. Ammonia and Meat I’d like to tell you a story. It’s a story that may shock you if you haven’t heard it already. A story rich in [Read More]

How to Buy the Right Fruits and Veggies

Getting the right info on buying the best fruits and vegetables is as important as ever, so I want to answer some of the questions people ask me regularly about making healthy fruit and vegetable choices, such as: when is it worth splurging on organic if my budget is tight? Is frozen better than canned? Do I need to wash everything, even if it has a skin? And, how do I decide between local and organic? I’m going to begin by telling you which fruits and vegetables are the safest, and which are the most pesticide-ridden, so that you can [Read More]

Unripe Banana Flour

The nutrient value of our foods is declining and the recommendation for fruits and vegetables has been raised from 5 servings a day to 7-13. It’s hard for many of us with busy lifestyles to fit in that much fresh fruit and vegetables, so we have to be creative and look for ways to get more. Food scientists have now found a way to make pasta even more healthy by adding unripe banana flour, which is rich in antioxidants and fiber. If you make your own pasta, this can be a great way to add more nutrients to your meal. [Read More]

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