The Saturated Fat Myth

Every once in awhile, a study comes out blasting saturated fat and declaring it to be the cause of heart disease and other health concerns. This drives me crazy because it’s not true and typically there are serious flaws in the research. Saturated fat performs critical roles in the body (yes, we need it: more on that shortly) but it has been made a villain due to some poor research conducted many years ago leading to a myth that remains in place today. If animal fat was so bad for you, how could we have survived all these years dependent [Read More]

Healthier Fish Choices

Fish is a nutrient-rich food proven to improve heart health and prized as a primary nutrient source in many cultures. Fish provides protein without the saturated fat and is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. Fish has become increasingly popular since word got out about the benefits of eating it at least two times a week. While fish has many health benefits, some studies have questioned the healthiness of farm-raised fish, especially salmon. There’s also concern about dolphins and fish that are killed in the tuna fishing process; their bodies are thrown back into the sea as waste. [Read More]

Recent Red Meat Study Headline Is Misleading

You may have seen the recent headlines proclaiming that eating red meat can reduce your lifespan by 20%. If you read the previous newsletter on hormones, antibiotics and pesticides in meat, it’s not a great leap to imagine that a diet heavy in such foods could have a health impact. Closer review of the headline reveals that the 20% reduction being broadcast is for a diet heavy in processed meats, such as ham, bologna, salami, hot dogs: typical luncheon meats. We learned in the prior newsletter that these foods also contain sodium nitrate, a proven carcinogen, or cancer-causing ingredient. So [Read More]

Healthy Eating on the Go

Eating well in today’s busy world can be hard, as it takes a little time to plan and prepare healthy meals. Once you get in a rhythm, though, it’s generally manageable and you feel so much better knowing what you are eating and how it was prepared. (Hopefully, with love in addition to some healthy ingredients!) Eating well on the go, however, is tougher: you either need to rely on what is there, which is often not the healthiest option, or you really need to plan in advance and bring food along. Many of you have asked for ideas for [Read More]

When Eating Meat, Hold the Chemicals

With all the press lately around pink slime and now the new study about the health impacts of red meat, let’s talk about making better meat choices. Unless you’re a vegetarian whose health is thriving, you most likely need to pay more attention to your animal protein selections. While it is possible to get everything you need to be healthy purely from plants, it’s difficult to do so. Almost every civilization has included some animal protein in its diet, even if it was only insects and bugs. While most of us do need to consume some animal protein to maintain [Read More]

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