Summer, Exciting News and Quinoa!

You may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet newsletter-wise this summer. In between summer camps and sports with my kids (and squeezing in some play and beach time!), I have been hard at work on my new book and audio course on making lasting change. It’s called Finally Make It Happen and it is the result of years of research and experience helping people to make lasting change. I’m very excited about the launch, coming soon, and I have a special invitation for a few lucky readers to share below! Before I share that and this week’s newsletter, I [Read More]

Welcome to the New England Health Advisory

Hi and welcome to the New England Health Advisory! Congratulations on taking control of your own health and wellness! In today’s world,  you can no longer relinquish total responsibility for wellness to your family doctor. Your physician or healthcare provider is doing the best that he/she can. However, with limited office visit time and challenging insurance reimbursement constraints, little to no education on nutrition, stress, or fitness and the increasing influence of pharmaceutical companies, your doctor can’t do it alone. To stay healthy, you need to participate in your own wellness. The major threats to our well-being are now lifestyle-related [Read More]

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