Craving Carbs? Pick Pasta

In a previous article, we looked at how to make healthier bread choices. I discussed how refined flour is stripped of its nutrients and then “enriched” with lab-created versions of the nutrients. I also shared how flour can spike blood sugar levels and suggested some healthier bread choices. In this newsletter, I’m going to look at traditional starch options like pasta, rice and potatoes to see why pasta comes out as the best choice. I want to talk briefly about why the Glycemic Index is a helpful guide (but not an absolute rule) and look at how it applies to [Read More]

Making Better Bread Choices: Enriched Flour is Nutrient Poor

In this article, I am going to explore ways you can take an unhealthy food choice and improve it, perhaps even turning it into a healthy choice. We’re going to start by looking at bread and learn why enriched flours are nutrient poor and how we can make better bread choices. To understand why most bread today wreaks havoc in our systems, we need to learn more about how wheat is turned into the flour that becomes our bread. We know that consuming too much white sugar can be hazardous to our health, but many people are unaware that white [Read More]

One of the Best Foods You May Not Be Eating: Quinoa

With all the focus recently on pink-slime and ammonia and the health impact of red meat, we’ve been talking much more than usual about meat these past few months. Today I’d like to talk about a fantastic non-meat protein source that has been a staple in my home for years: quinoa. Pronounced keen-wah, quinoa is gaining attention for several important reasons: it is a complete protein source that can be a big help to vegetarians looking to eat a balanced diet; it’s a great alternative for those looking to cut back on meat but still ingest protein; it’s a delicious [Read More]

Healthy Eating on the Go

Eating well in today’s busy world can be hard, as it takes a little time to plan and prepare healthy meals. Once you get in a rhythm, though, it’s generally manageable and you feel so much better knowing what you are eating and how it was prepared. (Hopefully, with love in addition to some healthy ingredients!) Eating well on the go, however, is tougher: you either need to rely on what is there, which is often not the healthiest option, or you really need to plan in advance and bring food along. Many of you have asked for ideas for [Read More]

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