Resolve To Get A Good Night’s Sleep And Stay Healthy This New Year

We are a sleep-deprived nation. A recent study revealed that 70 million Americans do not get adequate sleep.  Experts say we need seven to nine hours a night consistently, but many of us get about five to seven. Furthermore, while our bodies were made to recover from one interrupted night’s sleep, studies now show that less than optimal sleep for a few nights in a row can change your sleep pattern, weaken your immune system and lead to an increased likelihood of weight gain, Type 2 diabetes, heart conditions, loss of long-term memory and more. Even one off night can [Read More]

Why When You Eat Matters More Than What You Eat

Many cultures have arranged their work days around digestion and its link to time and the position of the sun. The Latin term for our midsection is solar plexus, which means gathering place for the sun. According to Marc David, former nutrition expert at Canyon Ranch, we digest and assimilate better — and burn more calories — the more efficiently we harness the warmth of the sun. We are meant to be outside in sunshine and to time our eating to the position of the sun in the sky. The fact that most of us now avoid the sun and [Read More]

Beat Colds and Flus Naturally This New Year

This time of year, there are lots of cold and flu viruses going around and if you get one, you know that there isn’t much your doctor can do. While antibiotics can fight bacteria, there are no prescriptions for viruses. That doesn’t mean, however, that nature hasn’t supplied us with some great natural remedies instead. A few weeks ago, I woke up exhausted and feeling so tired and achy, I knew I was fighting off a flu. My immune system is pretty strong but I immediately went into attack mode to try to beat it and the next day, I [Read More]

5 Cholesterol Myths Shattered

An estimated 102.2 million Americans have cholesterol levels above 200, which is considered borderline high, according to the American Heart Association. About one-third of those have cholesterol levels over 240, which is considered by today’s test standard to be in the high-risk zone. And a new study just released showed 41% of Canadians have high cholesterol levels. We have been told that high cholesterol is bad, that it causes heart disease (the leading cause of death in the U.S.), that we should all be tested for it, and that high levels must be treated, usually with statin drugs. With those [Read More]

Baby Steps – taking one at a time!

In my book, What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You, I write about making better carbohydrate choices and which breads and pastas are best. (One tip: Whole wheat isn’t much better than white bread as it acts the same way in your body. Look for whole grains and sprouted grains instead.) It’s important to try to limit refined white sugar and flour in your diet, but as I share in those chapters, there are less unhealthy, and in fact even some very healthy options for you to enjoy. These options are easy, traditional (and delicious) variations that you can find in [Read More]

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