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Greetings from India! I spent some time around Delhi, saw the Taj Mahal, and am now on my way to Rishikesh, a beautiful town in the Himalayas along the banks of the Ganges, for the International Yoga Festival. This newsletter will be short and will include a few tips until I can write more. If I have internet access, I’ll post on the New England Health Advisory Facebook page while I’m there! This first tip is one that has come up a few times over the past weeks. A woman at one of the gyms I teach at mentioned it [Read More]

Are Your Dishes Making You Sick?

You may remember the controversy about several years ago over melamine-tainted baby formula in China. Several well-known baby food manufacturers sold melamine-tainted baby formula in an effort to make the milk appear to have a higher protein content than it actually did. The infants who consumed it developed kidney complications including kidney stones. Six infants died, thousands were hospitalized and hundreds of thousands more were affected. Melamine is banned for use in food products, which is a good thing because it combines with cyanuric acid, which can be found in drinking water and in animal feed, inside the body and [Read More]

Russia Suspends Use of American GM Corn: Why Don’t We?

Several weeks ago I wrote about the first long-term study on the impact of GMOs. The ten year study out of Europe has shown conclusively that GMOs and GE foods are not harmless: they cause damage to the digestive system and our ability to digest proteins, change the micro-structure of our intestines, alter our immune systems and cause us to eat more, gain weight — and retain the weight – than would occur with a non GE diet. Now another study out of France has followed rats through their lifespan, which typically lasts two years, and found severe health concerns [Read More]

The Dangers of Vitamin D Deficiency – Part 5

This is part five of a series on the supplements I think every adult should take. Previous issues focused on whole-food based multivitamins, ubiquinol, fiber and omega 3. The final supplement on the list is vitamin D, which is made in our bodies through sun exposure. But today, we simply don’t get enough direct exposure to sunshine, without sunscreen, to make the vitamin D we need. Vitamin D helps with bone health by facilitating calcium absorption. It also plays an important role in many other healthy body functions. Vitamin D has been shown to improve immune health and heart health, [Read More]

Why You Should Be Taking Omega 3 – Part 4

The fourth supplement every adult should be taking is one you’ve likely heard a lot about: omega 3. Research shows that 99% of us are omega 3 deficient, and a recent study at Harvard directly linked omega 3 deficiency to death in an estimated 72,000-96,000 people a year. To put that in context, there are approximately 40,000 deaths a year from breast cancer. Clearly, we need to start paying more attention to omega 3. Omega 3s help reduce internal inflammation, which is linked to almost every chronic condition that plagues us. They play a very important role in heart health: [Read More]

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