Hi and welcome to the New England Health Advisory!

Congratulations on taking control of your own health and wellness!

In today’s world,  you can no longer relinquish total responsibility for wellness to your family doctor. Your physician or healthcare provider is doing the best that he/she can. However, with limited office visit time and challenging insurance reimbursement constraints, little to no education on nutrition, stress, or fitness and the increasing influence of pharmaceutical companies, your doctor can’t do it alone. To stay healthy, you need to participate in your own wellness. The major threats to our well-being are now lifestyle-related concerns that we as individuals hold the power to resolve.

For the first time ever, our kids may not live as long as we do. Simply because of the choices we make about what we eat and do. Or don’t.

The problem is, there is so much misinformation out there — and conflicting data and research — that most people struggle to make sense of it all. And that’s where I come in.

I have invested thousands of hours of my life to analyze the research and get at the truth behind the studies; to learn the latest information about nutrients and exercise and how to maximize their benefits;  to uncover how companies market foods and label products to deceive you (that’s where my marketing background comes in handy!); and to reveal what government agencies and pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know. What gets me fired up is when I talk to people who think they are doing things that are beneficial, but they have been misled.

It is my mission and passion for you to know the truth. If after that, you decide to keep doing what you were before, at least you are informed! But to be deceived into thinking the foods you are feeding your children are good and safe when they may not be … or told that the prescription or supplement you are taking will help you when it may not … or persuaded that buying one product is better than buying a different one when it’s just a marketing strategy and is not based on nutritional fact really gets me upset! (Just ask my friends who have had to sit next to me at dinner when I am passionate about an issue!)

I am here for you as an unbiased resource. And I will write this newsletter in plain English, breaking down complex information so that everyone, regardless of their science background, can understand.

When a new study comes out, I’ll tell you if it’s reliable or how it might be biased. When you are wondering what to buy, I will guide you. If you want to know what to do to manage a condition without drugs, I will tell you what the leading cutting edge experts are saying. When you have questions, ask me.

I started down this road because I adopted a 4-year-old boy from Kazakhstan who was the size of an 18-month-year-old and I had to do everything possible to try to get him back on track. I studied nutrition and dietary theory, stress management, became a personal trainer, worked in holistic wellness companies, talked to experts, researched, read and consumed everything about health and wellness that I could find. And I continue to do so today, working on a PhD in Natural Medicine in addition to my own voracious out-of-classroom learning. I’m here, putting in the time, so that you don’t have to.

Sir Francis Bacon said that knowledge is power and it is my mission to share my knowledge to empower you to live a longer, better life. Because what good is living longer if you can’t dance with your partner on your 50th anniversary? Or play with your grandchildren? Or pursue your passion for golf, tennis, or travel? It’s about living the longest but also BEST life you can. I look forward bringing you the information you need to make better wellness choices each and every day of your life. Thanks for joining me!

To your wellness and health: your true wealth!


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