What You Need to Know About Soda (Even if You Don’t Drink It)

I’ve received many emails asking for guidance around healthy drink choices. Since studies show people drink one-third of their daily calories, and many beverages contain harmful ingredients while others contain health benefits, it’s important to have the information to sift through the options and make the best choices. Over the coming weeks, we are going to look at some popular beverages and today we are going to begin by talking about soda — and why diet soda is even worse. Even if you don’t drink any soda, this is one you’ll want to read through and understand as loved ones [Read More]

The Five Reasons Most People Fail to Get What They Want

In the prior article series, we looked at the 5 secrets of change. (If you missed any of the 5 secrets, you can read them here). These five elements need to be in place no matter what program, product, plan, or diet you follow in order to make lasting change. In my course, Finally Make It Happen, I’ve developed a simple process that incorporates all 5 of the secrets so that you don’t even need to think about it. You don’t have to take my course to get the benefits though. You can apply those secrets to any program, process [Read More]

Get the Support You Need for Keeping Resolutions this New Years

This is the last in my 5 part series on the five secrets of change. If you missed any of the previous four, you can find them here. The fifth and final secret of change is support. This may be the most overlooked element of making successful lasting change. There are several reasons why support is crucial. Most people immediately jump to accountability and it’s true that building a support system will ensure that someone is holding you accountable to your dreams, your goals and your actions. That’s why you have one on ones with your boss to check in [Read More]

New Year’s Resolutions in Small Steps

The fourth secret of change in my 5 part series of articles on the five secrets of change (if you missed any of the first three secrets you can find them here) is that change needs to be able to be progressive. It is possible to quit something cold turkey and we’ve probably all heard one amazing story of how someone did that. Most of the time there was a life-changing shift or change of circumstances that accompanies it. If you are that motivated and you are able to do it, then congratulations! Go for it! But how many of [Read More]

How to Make Your Resolutions Work for YOU

The third secret of lasting change in my 5 part series on the five serest of change (if you missed the previous secrets, you can find them here) is that you need to be empowered: there has to be some room for you to modify or adjust the process to fit your own needs and life. Research shows that you need to have some control over the steps you are taking or you just won’t stick with it. Any time someone tells you what to do, what happens? We innately and intuitively rebel. We don’t want to do it, because [Read More]

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