Cholesterol Raisers #1 Transfats

As we have read in previous articles, eating cholesterol-rich foods does not raise your cholesterol. If you eat too much cholesterol, your body will just produce less to compensate. But there are some foods that will raise your cholesterol. In the next three articles, we will examine several foods that actually ARE shown to raise cholesterol levels. There are three commonly eaten foods we eat way too much of that are proven to raise your cholesterol levels.  The first is: Trans fats Trans fats are made when a hydrogen atom is added to unsaturated fat. During this process, hydrogen gas [Read More]

Why Your Cosmetics and Toiletries Matter as Much as Your Food

When I worked for a leading online women’s wellness company (helping women balance their hormones through all stages of life), one of the biggest challenges we saw facing women today was increasing exposure to toxins known as endocrine disruptors (And guys, they are just as big a concern for you!) Most of us know that eating foods with artificial flavors and colors, dyes, chemicals and preservatives is not the best strategy for fueling a healthy body. But despite the fact that many of us are now choosing organic and local, grass fed and hormone-free, if you shop at your local [Read More]

The Calcium Myth

There are 206 bones in the human skeleton that support and protect our internal organs and perform a number of important functions. But we rarely give them much thought unless we break one and we have to learn to function without it. When you’re a kid, it can be a cool badge of honor, but as an adult, it can wreak havoc with your life. A few years ago, I broke my right wrist so severely that I now have a four-inch plate and two screws where my wrist bone once was. I was at the roller rink with my [Read More]

How to Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Prostate (or Breast )

In this article, I’m going to cover a topic of concern for most men: prostate health. But this topic is important for female readers too. This information will likely be helpful to someone you love who does have a prostate AND you’ll also find much of this information applies to breast or uterine health as well. Many scientists consider prostate cancer in men to be the equivalent of breast cancer in women because it is brought about by the same conditions, factors and imbalances that simply manifest in different sexual organs because of gender. So ladies, there is something here [Read More]

What You Need to Know About Fats, Oils and Omega 3

One of the questions I get asked most often is, “Inger, what is the healthiest cooking oil?” As I sat down to write a article sharing the five oils I keep on hand and use regularly, and why none of them are Crisco or other popular vegetable oils, I realized I couldn’t explain all of the reasons why without going into some detail around the different types of fats and how omega 3 fits into the equation. So in this article, I am going to cover that information along with why I believe supplementing with omega 3 is essential for [Read More]

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