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Hi and welcome to the Will There Generic Lexapro (Lexapro/Escitalopram), Will Lexapro Show On A Urine Test! Congratulations on taking control of your own health and wellness! In today’s world,  you can no longer relinquish total responsibility for wellness to your family doctor. Your physician or healthcare provider is doing the best that he/she can. However, with limited office visit time and challenging insurance reimbursement constraints, little to no education on nutrition, stress, or fitness and the increasing influence of pharmaceutical companies, your doctor can’t do it alone. To stay healthy, you need to participate in your own wellness. The major threats to our well-being are now lifestyle-related [Read More]


We’ve all heard that antioxidants provide numerous health benefits and in this article, I want to focus on one of them: chocolate. I have to single out chocolate because we hear so much about it in the news and because it is a pleasure-providing food: most everyone would rather indulge in a little chocolate than eat more broccoli if given the choice! There is a lot of research out there about the benefits of chocolate and recently a large meta-analysis concluded that chocolate can reduce the risk of developing cardiometabolic disorders which can lead to coronary heart disease, stroke and [Read More]


We are a sleep-deprived nation. A recent study revealed that 70 million Americans do not get adequate sleep.  Experts say we need seven to nine hours a night consistently, but many of us get about five to seven. Furthermore, while our bodies were made to recover from one interrupted night’s sleep, studies now show that less than optimal sleep for a few nights in a row can change your sleep pattern, weaken your immune system and lead to an increased likelihood of weight gain, Type 2 diabetes, heart conditions, loss of long-term memory and more. Even one off night can [Read More]


In a previous article, we looked at how to make healthier bread choices. I discussed how refined flour is stripped of its nutrients and then “enriched” with lab-created versions of the nutrients. I also shared how flour can spike blood sugar levels and suggested some healthier bread choices. In this newsletter, I’m going to look at traditional starch options like pasta, rice and potatoes to see why pasta comes out as the best choice. I want to talk briefly about why the Glycemic Index is a helpful guide (but not an absolute rule) and look at how it applies to [Read More]


In this article, I am going to explore ways you can take an unhealthy food choice and improve it, perhaps even turning it into a healthy choice. We’re going to start by looking at bread and learn why enriched flours are nutrient poor and how we can make better bread choices. To understand why most bread today wreaks havoc in our systems, we need to learn more about how wheat is turned into the flour that becomes our bread. We know that consuming too much white sugar can be hazardous to our health, but many people are unaware that white [Read More]


Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, has been getting a lot of press lately, and for good reason. While we have always known it helps with bone health as it facilitates calcium absorption, new research is proving that higher levels of the vitamin have an impact on immune health and protect against cancer, heart health, autoimmune diseases, depression, periodontal disease, diabetes and a host of other conditions. While adequate levels are shown to be protectors against many conditions, low levels, or deficiencies, are now linked to concerns with these same systems and conditions. Studies now show that vitamin D deficiency is [Read More]

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